Antinomic Slime – Sub-economic habitat

Business success is dependent on the integrity of the individuals who operate it. To be successful it must consider its customers, its investors, and the world at large. There, in history, has never been a way to ensure that the quality of ethical decisions would serve the business, the community, or humankind. Additionally, the dilemma has always existed in government and other institutions. They all count on good judgement to serve themselves and all of humanity.

… Economics is the embodiment of the institutional golden rule. We, as groups of people, should treat all other people as we want to be treated. Antinomics is the force that wants you to think that is stupid. Previous history makes that assumption credible, but we don’t live in the past. We have the opportunity to change Earth from a time bomb to a loving home for our children.

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Clearbiz Inc.

Soon, a new nonprofit, will offer a free online tool to incentivize the clarification of bureaucratic institutions that routinely fail to kindly and competently achieve their missions. This clarification will provide the data needed to benefit the people they were commissioned to serve, us. will provide a world map of; Who gets what? and Why?; relative to their advertised missions. The map will follow the money, an incentive to “do good.” We are all watching.

Economic Perspective

The assault of the monetary policy on kindness is inflicting societal wounds, that render us incompetent. We must stop the bleeding. Economic toxicity degenerates the value of money. White collar criminal activity inflicts damage on GDP that subtracts from social well-being in three ways: 1) the undeserved price 2) the physical cost of repairing the damage and 3) the false impression that kind competence is an economic weakness.

Clear business cells can reverse the trend. Economic toxicity is the economic equivalent of printing counterfeit money.

Comment on Greenspans-Laissez-Fairy-tale by William K. Black

Four Lettered Word

You know the four letter word that is banned from polite public company. You know the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone, openly, uses it in a place of business. School children who use it are thought of as less competent than other students. You never hear it in church, though forgiving and compassionate parishioners probably would pretend not to be ruffled, and politicians don’t use it because they have to watch their public images.

I, for one, feel that we should use the word more. Politicians should use it, and TV and radio hosts. Upstanding citizens should say it publicly. Businesses should use it in their advertising and in legal documents. In schools teachers and administrators should use it freely, after all it is part of our language. It is in the dictionary. It is a word that everyone thinks, but most are too timid to use. I’m sure you already guessed what the word is.

We are a gutless society,who are afraid of what people will think if we use the word. They most likely will think that there is something wrong with our brains, but go ahead use it anyway. People will respect your independent spirit, and pretty soon everyone will be using it. That will be a good thing, because the four letter word is kind, and kindness is the ethical reason for business, education, and government. Maybe it will catch on.


Applying Economics

Economics is the application, and the study of the application of monetization as a method of perpetually allowing everyone to benefit from the efforts of all others. Its environment requires clarity. Part of that clarity is its only two rules. The first, treat others as you would want to be treated, if your positions were reversed; just, be kind. The second, respect and revere the fragility, and the awesomeness of our universe; which is our inheritance, and our responsibility.

You Inherited Money

Money is not property. It is our heritage. Paid for with blood, sweat, and tears, it is the monetization of history at our disposal. For our good, or for our demise, it will be applied to our lives, and passed on to our children, and our children’s children. What we inherited, was not all good, We will pay for our forefathers‘ sins, and our children will pay for ours, but we have the opportunity to propel our individual and collective selves in a good direction.

People are totally dependent on others for their survival. Each article of clothing, each morsel of food comes from the labor, the planning, the investment, and the cooperation of many people, hundreds.

Because of our total dependence on each other for survival. The human characteristics that are predominant in our ability to survive are not strength, ferocity, or cleverness. They are kindness, cooperativeness, focus and perseverance.

Economics is like gravity. It is the levitating force that is exerted on humankind when they work, and care for each other. Money increases the levitating force positively, or negatively. Kindness is the economic switch. When it is on we are economically competent. Turned off, we are incompetent.

Our individual heritage left some of us starving, and some of us embattled. A few are rich, and many poor. Some are capable. Many are vulnerable, but as a people we were left automobiles, toilets, computers, atomic bombs, washing machines, rocket launchers, toxins, medicine, disease…

The business of government, the business of institutions, and the business of commerce all use money. Money should be respectfully applied to our obligations, our investments, and our spending. Kindness, in business transactions, will have everyone smiling in the national photograph that we leave to our heirs.


Hitleresque Ignore-ance

The absence of two words in the English language hide knowledge and power from their inherent responsibilities to mankind. They are ignore-ance, ignoring things you already know, and hitleresque, not referring to the bad guy, but the failure to stand up for the victimized.

Ignor-ance usually implies a lack of due diligence. The driver of a car speeding through traffic is ignore-ant of the consequences. People who are over worked, over stressed, over stimulated, or under appreciated have an increased tendency to be ignore-ant of their circumstances. These people are at risk for hitleresque behavior, which has destructive economic consequences.

The use of Hitler’s name in this word is not for the purpose of vilification. Those who died in the holocaust left us a gift, the graphic knowledge of our responsibility to treat our fellow humans with dignity and respect. Hitleresque behavior is ignore-ant of that human connection, the idle disavowing responsibility for opposing subhuman behavior. Hitleresque behavior didn’t begin with Hitler, but this word gives the behavior a name. The name identifies a behavior whose disappearance will be a boon to humanity.


Economics 001

Think of economics as a big machine, made of people. You want to use a big machine so you can accomplish a lot. There are just two things to consider before you start the machine, and while you are operating it. Don’t hurt anybody, and don’t hurt the machine. With that in mind use the machine to do kind things for many people. Democracy is not an economic principle. It is not okay to run over even one person, to help a million. If you feel differently, perhaps you should volunteer to be that one person