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Kind Competence Is The Principle OF Economics
BuildaClearBiz, or ClearBiz, builds and repairs economic institutions. Bureaucracy and opacity are surgically removed, and emerging business structures are immunized to prevent reinfection. The net result is an emerging paradigm where institutions revere and serve people, not the opposite.

Kindness is Economic Glue

Kindness has been globally recognized as a positive characteristic in virtually every culture since history has been recorded. Without it we are economically incompetent. Unkindness increases antinomic force. It empowers those who exploit the vulnerable. We are one economic family, sharing Earth’s fragile bounty. We can do better. History has shown us the value of kindness, the glue of our existence. Read more.

Google Weakness

There is a google weakness. If you type an uncommon term into google it sometimes assumes that there is a misspelling of a more common search, and it offers no apparent method of searching for what they, wrongly, assume to be a misspelling.

Take the term ignoreance for example. It is increasingly used to portray ignoring what you know to be true and pretend that it is not. It is quite different than ignorance, the lack of knowledge. Google forces a search or ignorance. Hyphenate the spelling to ignore-ance, which has worked in the past. Again, google assumes misspelling, closing the option for the correct search. It offers, instead, a smorgasbord of undesired searches without the possibility for the correct one.

The repair would be simple. Offer one more option. “Search for what I typed.” I am looking for the proverbial, “needle in the haystack,” not something that looks like a needle.

Antinomic Slime – Sub-economic habitat

Business success is dependent on the integrity of the individuals who operate it. To be successful it must consider its customers, its investors, and the world at large. There, in history, has never been a way to ensure that the quality of ethical decisions would serve the business, the community, or humankind. Additionally, the dilemma has always existed in government and other institutions. They all count on good judgement to serve themselves and all of humanity.

… Economics is the embodiment of the institutional golden rule. We, as groups of people, should treat all other people as we want to be treated. Antinomics is the force that wants you to think that is stupid. Previous history makes that assumption credible, but we don’t live in the past. We have the opportunity to change Earth from a time bomb to a loving home for our children.

Read more.


Clearbiz Inc.

Soon, a new nonprofit, will offer a free online tool to incentivize the clarification of bureaucratic institutions that routinely fail to kindly and competently achieve their missions. This clarification will provide the data needed to benefit the people they were commissioned to serve, us. will provide a world map of; Who gets what? and Why?; relative to their advertised missions. The map will follow the money, an incentive to “do good.” We are all watching.

Economic Perspective

The assault of the monetary policy on kindness is inflicting societal wounds, that render us incompetent. We must stop the bleeding. Economic toxicity degenerates the value of money. White collar criminal activity inflicts damage on GDP that subtracts from social well-being in three ways: 1) the undeserved price 2) the physical cost of repairing the damage and 3) the false impression that kind competence is an economic weakness.

Clear business cells can reverse the trend. Economic toxicity is the economic equivalent of printing counterfeit money.

Comment on Greenspans-Laissez-Fairy-tale by William K. Black

Four Lettered Word

You know the four letter word that is banned from polite public company. You know the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone, openly, uses it in a place of business. School children who use it are thought of as less competent than other students. You never hear it in church, though forgiving and compassionate parishioners probably would pretend not to be ruffled, and politicians don’t use it because they have to watch their public images.

I, for one, feel that we should use the word more. Politicians should use it, and TV and radio hosts. Upstanding citizens should say it publicly. Businesses should use it in their advertising and in legal documents. In schools teachers and administrators should use it freely, after all it is part of our language. It is in the dictionary. It is a word that everyone thinks, but most are too timid to use. I’m sure you already guessed what the word is.

We are a gutless society,who are afraid of what people will think if we use the word. They most likely will think that there is something wrong with our brains, but go ahead use it anyway. People will respect your independent spirit, and pretty soon everyone will be using it. That will be a good thing, because the four letter word is kind, and kindness is the ethical reason for business, education, and government. Maybe it will catch on.