Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice is seldom an individual act. Injustice happens for a multitude of reasons. Obstruction is common because it is often perceived as profitable. Leaders are sometimes elected or appointed because they create a climate conducive to injustice, and they try to create profit from it.

The cost of injustice is levied on many people of this generation, and the entirety of humanity for coming generations. People who fear poverty often can be easily convinced to side with injustice as a method of avoiding it’s sting.

Injustice is unjust no matter how many people choose it. Constitutions, generally speaking, are crafted to deny popular injustice because of its cost to society. That being said, when constitutions fail, it is the very thing that they were designed to prevent that causes them to fail, injustice.

The current POTUS stands accused of obstruction of justice. He bragged about being above the law before, and since he was elected. The people chose injustice as the law of the land. There was a document protecting them from that, The Constitution. The protection didn’t work. Even though the president was constitutionally unqualified to hold office, he was elected. Mental incompetency, foreign entanglements, and extraneous emoluments were all constitutional disqualifications that went unchallenged.

Elected officials, and governmental appointees colluded, and are colluding to avoid constitutional restraints. It is understandable that a person could be unbalanced, crooked, or treasonous. But, for that person to become and remain president requires the obstruction of justice by many politicians, and bureaucracies. A constitution is not the scribblings on simple pieces of paper that can be burned with a match. It is an indestructible societal protection, if it guides governmental activity. Failing that, it would cease to exist even if it were scribed in stone. Does the US have a constitution?

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