Negotiation is a strategy to achieve fairness. Some things are out of bounds, not negotiable. Truth cannot be negotiated to half truth. Half truth is not true. Truth is complete or nonexistent. Negotiation does not exist in the absence of truth. Negotiation minus truth equals deceit.

There is also an issue of accountability for each side of a negotiation. Harm must be avoided, and there must be clearly defined benefit targeted by each side for negotiations to have validity.

Debate has the same constrictions as negotiation. Truth and accountability are not negotiable, or debatable. They sit firmly with education on an economic foundation. We share an environment. Negotiation is, by definition, part of the process toward bettering that environment.

Countries have constitutions. The constitution of any country is subject to natural law, truth. Natural law takes precedence over courts. Courts render opinions. Opinions that counter natural law, truth, are invalid. Down is not up.

People can be protected by natural law, only if it is studied openly, and universally. Education is much more than learning a trade. Students are accountable to education when learning a trade. That is backwards. Education is accountable to truth, and the truth is that in education lies the path to a better future.

If we follow the path backwards the future will not get better but worse. If we run, there will be no future for humanity. On the path forward education is responsible to truth, not oligarchs.

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