Natural Environmental Decay

Nature is indifferent to the needs of humanity. History’s tragic downward cycles are the result of nature taking its natural course. Let a ball go and it will roll downhill. There is an alternative to letting the ball go. Starvation is natural, but it can be avoided by eating. History’s tragedies can be avoided. People need to use the same strategy to avoid historic tragedy as they do to avoid starvation. They need to use conscious effort to push back against natural environmental decay. Environmental decay is what happens over time if there is nothing to counteract it. No effort, or insufficient effort produces bad results for each person. Its tragedy is shared by all of humanity.

Nature exists as a changeable space. The environment naturally decays. Plants and animals are part of that decaying space. It is their environment until its decay no longer supports their being. People inherit a decaying environment, and natural decay can, and will continue, unless people do something about it. War, injustice, and poverty are accelerants that increase the natural environmental rate of decay.

When people fight over diminishing space, and its receding resources in a decaying environment, they predicate their individual being on the failure of other beings. They are predators. As predators people have no ability to keep the ball from rolling downhill. In fact, they push it downward. The environment will continue to decay until it can no longer support individuals or humanity. If they choose predation, which is a natural choice, the desirability of their being will decrease until it disappears altogether. Predation is a negative effect that nature exerts on being. Conversely, humanity is a positive effect that people can exert on the natural environment that all people share.

As people we have a choice whether or not to resist natural environmental decay. History is a series of lessons. Each one shows how stupid it is not to stop the ball from rolling downhill, not to stop environmental decay. Humanity is capable of building a better existence by stopping the decay of its environment, the decay of its betterment, and the decay of its future.

There is a way to personalize nature. It starts with a binary choice. Either stop the ball, or watch as it rolls our environment into the pits of despair and oblivion. Other species become extinct when the environment fails to provide for their needs. People can avoid extinction by choosing to improve the environment. The simple fact is that other species are solely dependent on nature to provide their necessary environment. People have the ability to modify what nature provides. It is a strategy that can improve being, and lengthen its duration. Of course, success is not easy, and it only comes after choosing to provide sufficient effort. There is a first step. To improve humanity people must first choose to improve the space that it occupies.

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