Vanishing Money

Economic issues are only economic when they are applied economically.  People work together for good, building trust, building confidence, building competence. The competence occurs because it allows participants to specialize. Specialization for maximum benefit can only occur when the ‘specializers’ don’t have to watch their backs.

The introduction of money into an economic system allows people to serve and be served by people they have never met. The value of the money is established by the economic system. The fair-value of money in an economic system increases as its kindness and competence increases. Bickering, fighting, cheating, and selfishness are all antinomic forces, economically toxic, and they devalue the money that forms the economic skeleton.

Monopolies are used to cheat the economic system, and the most effective monopoly of all is that of money. To join the economic community there must be access to money. Money is not property, but it is the property that measures fair-value. Money is used to serve those you have not met, and it allows you to be served by them. Restricting the access to money decreases its value making economic participation harmful to workers and consumers.

We were injected into history with the possibility of making humankind special, and this is not rocket science. We can build our economy with clear economic cells that plainly show that money should not be used to reward antinomic behavior, behavior that is economically toxic, devalues money, and forces you to work much harder to become much less.

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