Human beings are unique in that they can pass knowledge, tools, and civility forward to new generations. They can export them to foreign locations, and they can monetize value, inherited from previous generations.

We are a life form that inherits not only genetic characteristics, but physical, social, and scientific capabilities that grow with each passing generation. Other species depend on genetic inheritance for the quality of their life. People have the ability to improve some genetic shortfalls with economic inheritance. As with genetic inheritance, economic inheritance is a gift that we receive from our predecessors, a gift from God and mankind. When we pass on we leave an, even finer gift, for God and mankind, or maybe trash.

Our economic inheritance allows us to continue the lives of our predecessors. They are alive in us. We are blessed with their sacrifices, and saddled with their sins. If we persevere, our lives will be better, and those who follow will inherit much. If we fail, we damage our lives, and damage the lives of those who follow.

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