Living History

When did your life begin? Was it on your birthday? Was it at conception? Would it not include the lifespan of your DNA? Who we are, and what we can become is only minutely influenced by our conception and birth. Every genetic link to the past influenced our being. When did your life begin? If you have a particular date in mind, you may fail to appreciate your importance, and that of other human beings.

Genetic propagation is important, but there is nothing in your power that will change your ancestry. Your ability lies in what you do over the span of the time you have control of your behavior. What you will pass on will possibly be your DNA, plus, most assuredly, the results of your behavior.

Where were you born? Did that influence your behavior? Did it make your life easier? When were you born? Did that contribute to who you have become? Did other people contribute to your wellbeing? Did they treat you badly? Did they ignore you?

This conversation is about who you are, who you can become, and why that is possible. We cannot talk about you without talking about your history. Your history is who you are, but you are not dead yet. Your history is connecting, and reconnecting to other people’s lives making new history, and making a new future.

Scholars define words, so we can know what each other is talking about. If I talk about an egg, other people know I am referring to an egg. A clear picture forms in their minds eye. History is a word that is used to describe the past. The past is not a clear picture of what history is. Right now history is in action. It used the past to create now. You are your history, and you are still here, building tomorrow. Tomorrow you will be new history, building the future.

History is a living thing. Its lifespan is probably forever. You won’t be here that long. Living your life kindly will improve history as you live it.

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