Life Span

Life Span

We think about newly discovered things with anticipation, or trepidation. They enter our belief system, and affect our individual, and our social behavior. There is one particular thing that people have known about for centuries that has a deleterious effect on human belief, and therefor behavior. Even though people know it, it is largely ignored. The thing that they are ignore-ant of is the human lifespan.

Shock is a typical reaction when we find someone who doesn’t know when, or where they were born, yet birthdays don’t denote the beginning of a person’s life. Much happened prior to their birthday that affected their life. Both their potential, and the habitability of their environment are precast by the time of, what we call, their birthday.

Prenatal care, and pre-generational care influence who they are. Children are born with burdens, potentials, and characteristics that will help, or harm them in whichever environment they emerge. On the day of birth each person is born innocent, but their entire life is at risk due to the relative inhabitability of the place and time they are born.

Where, and when the infant is born there is an environment. War or peace, feast or famine all have a bearing on how, when, or if a child’s life proceeds. The one thing that people can do to improve the life of every child born, is to improve the environment they are, or will be born into.

Individuals are born with two challenges to thrive in their own environment, and to improve it for others. Coral reefs are an example of environmental fragility. They are habitats that naturally support the abundance of nature. They can thrive or die, depending on human behavior. That is also true of children, They also thrive or die depending on human behavior. Are we so callous that we don’t care?

Human habitat is similar to coral reefs, WIP (war, injustice, and poverty) destroy the human habitat for this and coming generations. It is an unnecessary, intolerable burden placed on babies. WIP is child abuse plain and simple. Pretending that human life span begins at birth and ends at the grave pseudo-sanctifies egregious behavior, child abuse.

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