Intellectual Democracy

Complexities are the bushes that hide superstition. There is an intellectual democracy where the majority of a tiny number of elites academically rule. Complexities are used as an alternative to reality. These are smart people who believe, or pretend to believe they can use complexities for their personal benefit by having a simple majority.

As a teacher I noticed some smart students who where deemed academically unsuccessful. They were excluded as failures by a number of different schools, and they entered society labeled as under achievers as they proceeded to adulthood as second class citizens. They are carrying a heavy cross hand hewn for them by institutions that were designed to help them, and to protect humanity.

Schools fail their students, not the reverse. The schools set standards, and write tests that make them look good, and they do it at the expense of the students and society at large. Abused citizens, and those that are ignored tend to be angry and hostile to the exclusive environment that they are so rudely ejected from.

There are a lot of things that even smart people don’t know. Intellectual democracy, agreeing with most other smart people tends to produce superstition, and hide it in the bushes of complexity.

An example is entrance examinations. While many schools recognize how shallow it is to assume students would know particular precise generally agreed on facts, they still only accept students who do well on the test. How successful are these schools at targeting the plagues that threaten each person, and all of humanity. Plagues such as war, injustice, poverty, and despair? Is there even a program that addresses them?

Intellectual democracy uses complexity to produce influence, power, and money to escape the environmental devastation caused by the plagues that unnecessarily haunt humanity. We are one people that shares one environment across geographical and generational borders. We are in the academic dark ages. How we treat the least of our brothers and sisters, is how we treat the human environment, our home. Destroying it seems to be a bad idea that is shared by a bunch of us dummies.

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