Injustice – The Underlying Problem

Injustice – The Underlying Problem

WIP (war, injustice, and poverty) are at odds with civility. By definition, no civil society can be unjust. War and poverty are the fruits of injustice. Injustice is the underlying problem, the cause of WIP. Injustice causes WIP that causes WIP that causes WIP…

WIP needs to be eliminated, but education is largely a process of hiding from its effects. Education is protecting the bully on the playground instead of standing up to it. People are afraid of WIP, but they allow their institutions to be controlled by it.

Opportunity, once again by definition, cannot be equally distributed. If I am drowning, only the people at the scene have the opportunity to save me. If you discover a large gold nugget you have the opportunity to profit from your discovery.

Opportunities, by their nature, are not equally distributed. civility increases their abundance, and the benefits of that abundance is opportunely shared. Safety is increased as more people have opportunities to help others. Civility is the naturally existing opportunity to make individuals important, kind, and competent. Those are the traits that enhance the human environment for this, and future generations.

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