Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

Performing better is a goal pursued by individuals, and groups. Measuring performance is a way to recognize progress. There is a whole range of skills that people want to improve, and a variety of reasons that enhanced performance is important.

Performance is measured to recognize improvement. Improvement is encouraging. Neither a discouraged person or a discouraged people are likely to improve their performance. If there is no improvement, enhancement does not occur, but there is a valuable lesson that can be learned. The lesson inspires a different strategy, and better judgment as it reduces the risk of failure. Repeating past mistakes is not helpful. It just increases the incentive to quit trying.

There are two steps that apply to a fresh start when enhancing performance after failure, especially after repeated failure. Improve the strategy, and try harder.

Generations of people have failed to protect each other economically. Their failed policies have brought them war, injustice, and poverty. History repeats its tragic cycles. People can do better with enhanced economic performance. Repeating the same strategy will produce even worse results because there is little incentive to try. Using the same strategies that predictably fail just isn’t a good idea.

There is a better way, one that will not fail because it uses a better strategy. Progress can be easily measured both by what emerges, and what disappears. We require a fresh start, a more humane way to economically enhance civilization.

The strategy will dismiss the, “winner take all,” attitude with the knowledge that everybody wins as they share acts of kindness across borders, and generations. As war, injustice, and poverty disappear, kindness and capability will become the renewable resources that are necessary to satisfy, empower, and protect humanity. Enhancing performance is not a competition. It is a survival skill.

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