Electing God

There is an old saying that rings true in the personal, or political life of many. “I don’t love my friends. My ‘friends’ are the enemies of my enemies.” There is tribal nature of people. They tend to choose their friends from people that they don’t hate or fear. They give misguided credence to a God who helps them fight their perceived enemies. God is elected to do harm to enemies, to send them straight to hell.

There is a theme in history that blames other people for harm done. People are hyper-valued, or they are sub-valued. Good vs bad. Those are superstitious notions that people have that historically assign blame for harmful behavior that debases humanity, and deteriorates the environment that is shared by all people, for all generations. Assigning blame for harm done does not alleviate the harm. It multiplies it, and intensifies it. It harms humanity in this generation, and the harm continues into generations yet to come.

Past generations did not know there was but one environment that humanity had to either share, or fight over at its own peril. The people didn’t realize that the genetic links shared the economic links that make each of us who we are. Broken economic links unnecessarily generate superstitious beliefs. They result in ineffective and unkind behaviors that work against individuals, and against humanity. We can do better, much better. Our behavior allows the achievements of past generations to benefit this and new generations by avoiding harm, and not repeating it. This is perhaps the generation where self inflicted harm can be intellectually identified as the enemy of all humankind. Each person lives in the body of humanity. Harming one harms them all. Worse, it puts God on the ballot of an election that tries to deify severing the limbs of the body of humanity.

God can’t be elected. He loves your enemies, and detests harm to humanity. Casting a ballot amounts to superstitious, and harmful self-aggrandizement. Do no harm. Electing God does not forgive sins. Electing God magnifies them. They are sins that are repeating harm being done in an unfortunate history, one that we will either improve, or suffer dire consequences.

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