Education has a purpose, and it should be valid. It should encourage, and withstand scrutiny. When failure occurs, it should eagerly adjust, or compensate. When institutions fail to embrace this rigor, they disseminate propaganda, and superstition. The inhumanity of this dilemma is catastrophic. The academic failure of education is blamed on students, teachers, parents, schools, corporations, governments and almost everyone else over the age of five. A brief look at history, at politics, at the health of our environment, or at our hope for the future tells the story of how we are superstitiously coping with reality.

If one person is lost, and expects or desires to survive, he or she must provide for himself or herself. That is true even in a land of plenty. Failure results in death. That is the expected result because it is the path of nature. Along this path if one fails to secure adequate nourishment, suffering and untimely death occurs.

If two people are lost, and survival is expected, or desired, they must each provide for themselves, or they can provide for each other, or one for the other. Failure results in suffering, and untimely death for one, the other, or for both.

A single group of people who expect and desire survival must provide for themselves and for each other. Failure results in suffering, and untimely death for one, for some, or for all.

Several groups of people who expect and desire survival must provide for themselves and for each other. Failure results in suffering, and untimely death for one, for many, or for all.

A positive natural force is generated by people providing for others and for themselves. This force provides the path to survival that is composed of, and surrounded by peace, love, and happiness. The force has a name. Its name is economics.

Economics is a force that allows people to fill the needs that they, and other people have. It is a natural force toward the protection of the human environment and the people who populate it. Economic failure is not economic, because it does not provide for human needs. A large number of people, or a large number of groups do not lessen the economic needs of each person. Economic failure can be easily identified. Economic success is achieved by avoiding failure.

Economics encompasses the entire population. Some people uninjured, or most people uninjured do not indicate success. Each injury is a failure. Economic progress is measured by reduced failure.

Half of the people in your house having no food constitutes economic failure. The rest having plenty is not success. Each instance of failure must be addressed to alleviate need, and addressed to avoid repetition. Historically, tall buildings and disparate wealth have been more indicative of economic failure than success.

Economic failure is antinomic. It is a natural occurrence that is unmitigated by compassion, dispassion, anger, or any other emotion. It cannot be changed by the age of victims, their gender, or their fame. The time of the day, or the time in history are of no consequence. The absence of sufficient economic force results in depression, torment and despair. Ultimately people, groups of people, and all people are at the unnecessary risk of succumbing to economic failure.

There is a natural path to economic improvement. As with any path, to travel down it a person must endeavor to travel down it. Effort, behavior, communication, and dedication are the economic tools. They must all be used. We help others succeed in coordination with nature. In the religious sense we serve God and humankind. In the economic sense we serve nature and humankind.

Authentic economics is based on observable facts. Antinomic results require behavioral change. The problem is that there is no study of authentic economics. The naturally existing force of economics has been bureaucratically hijacked. Antinomic catastrophes are purposely disregarded, and often hidden.

Antinomic behaviors are often not only condoned, but encouraged. Others are disguised as economic, enticing people to work for their own demise, and that of their children. History has clearly identified poverty, injustice, and war as antinomic. Disrespect for humankind and nature can also be easily identified.

The education that the world’s children and adults receive antinomically divides them. The purpose of education is to learn how to better serve and protect each other, to come together, to share economically. That won’t happen while we academically deny the existence of one of natures awesome forces, one that we can easily observe. Most importantly, authentic economics is exactly the tool that we need to be our brother’s keeper. It is how we can treat others the way we would want to be treated. Authentic economics is smart, safe, and it feels good. Is there a legitimate alternative?

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