The Direction to Fly

The Direction to Fly

A new healthy bird emerges into the world for two reasons. There is an environment that supports its healthy existence. And, there is a fertile egg that can hatch there.

The unique thing about knowledge is that it is always incomplete. Knowing something is just a spot on the pathway of more to learn. Treating knowledge as if it is a possession, leads to superstitious behavior such as, acting stupidly, inhumanely, or dangerously.

Protecting the egg, and not the environment won’t save the bird. If we gather fertile eggs from bird nests they probably won’t hatch. Some may, if they are close to the end of their incubation period, but even those hatchlings will not mature into the birds that populate the skies.

Knowledge about conception is always incomplete, just like other all other knowledge. If we collect bird nests, leaving no place to lay eggs, hatchlings will not survive. Which is more important, a fertilized egg, or a nest to lay it in? Is the previous question even relevant to individual birds, or to the perpetuation of the flock? If both conception and environment are necessary, how can one be more important than the other?

Birds and people populate the earth. The farther we travel into the future the easier it is to see that environment precedes conception. The past is deceptive, miraculous, uninformed, and unrepeatable. The spot in the path where we pick up our knowledge is not important. The three things that matter are that we remember where we came from, we travel along the path, and we look toward the future.