Knowledge is belief that is true. People often try to pass off their belief as if it were knowledge. Of course anything people believe is what they view as truth, and through their eyes it looks like knowledge.

When people have beliefs that are in opposition to each other, one, the other, or both are mistaken. Knowledge is always true whether or not anybody believes it. There are natural consequences that happen when beliefs and knowledge are misaligned.

The deviation of beliefs from knowledge occurs three ways, inadequate intellect, insufficient experience, and miseducation. Of the three, miseducation appears to be the most insidious because it institutionalizes fallacy, causing people to believe what is not true. That miseducation takes place across generations, and around the globe.

There is a reason that peace and justice don’t prevail. It is the deviation of our beliefs from what is true that causes the unnecessary tragic cycle of war, poverty, and injustice. We have adequate intellect, and history has allowed us the opportunity to learn from previous generations. We have been misinformed, if we believe that we can flourish while others are under attack. Disenfranchising some, is not economically beneficial to others.

There are natural forces that exist. You recognize gravity. There is an economic force, all people working for, and protecting all other people. If anyone is left out, the rest of us are worse off. We aren’t as safe,  we aren’t as secure, and we aren’t as happy.

Until we recognize, and study this natural force, we will miss the whole point of education; To make the world a better place; To make us proud and happy; To make a better future for coming generations; To give value to the efforts of previous generations; To give thanks for being part of this miracle.

“The world’s problems are somebody else’s fault.”” The devil is causing these problems.” “People who don’t believe as I do are evil.” These are but a few of the superstitious beliefs that some people have. While we as individuals may truly believe some of these things, we don’t get them confused with gravity. It is obvious that if a person drops something, it will fall. It is equally obvious that people who work together, and encourage each other can accomplish more than they can individually, or while they are squabbling with others.

Humanity is a family. It strives for a bright future. It believes in its care and protection, and it diligently pursues truth. Belief is the guide. Truth is the goal. It is the only source of dignity. You are your brother’s, and sister’s keepers. They are yours. Protect them. Care for them.

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