Box of Ignorance

We are in a world that we share with all other life, and we share with all other human life. This sharing has been evolving for centuries.  Much of what we share was passed to us from former generations, sometimes purposefully. Among the things that we received are ideas, language, tools, culture, government, beliefs, and a small amount of what almost everyone could identify as knowledge.

We people are endowed with common traits that differentiate us from other species. Our appendages are predictably placed. We have a capacity to learn, and pass knowledge to others. We have emotions that are similar to the emotions of all other people. We all share a capacity for logic, a semi capable memory, the ability to predict, and the ability to make clear choices.

Another thing that we share is a methodology of learning, and teaching that we received from previous generations, and a ship of knowledge that navigates in a relatively uncharted ocean of possibility that is polluted with rocky falsehoods that entomb the remains of misplaced trust.

To better understand what we inherited, We need to examine the knowledge, the possibilities, and how the falsehoods lured trust into its cruel trap. Once we understand what we inherited we will be able to better understand what we must change to serve this generation and improve what we pass into the future so trust can nourish the fruits of civilization, the value of humanity, and the joy of worthiness.

One thing we inherited is the perceived law of the jungle. Power meant that a person survived longer, and had more choices, of course that was if power was in their court. Otherwise existence was at the pleasure of the powerful, was miserable, or was impossible. Those in power have always had to worry about losing it, worry that induced crippling paranoia, depression, and mania. These are similar to the psychological dysfunctions that competition for power induces in those who don’t have it. The psychological torment and depression caused by the inability of people to achieve under obscene circumstances has caused our predecessors to devalue life, humanity, and nature.

As humanity increases its base of knowledge, we are discovering that it comes with power just as strength did in jungle law. But with knowledge, the potential power is greater both as an instrument to help the family of humanity for this, and subsequent generations, or as a method of producing the capability to destroy any environment that could support human life. The new power makes it even more necessary to make appropriate choices. In the jungle we can use sticks to build shelters, or fight. With knowledge we can use earth’s resources to help us live a better life, or to deprive humanity of potable water and clean air to breathe.

The frightening part of the latter scenario is that, historically, powerful entities have put a low value on human environment and human life. With the new model, the ability of individuals and humanity to thrive is predetermined by people who do not have the best interest of humanity in mind, but their own immediate gratification. Benefits for effort are small or nonexistent. This generation is paying a high price, and future generations could be obliterated.

We can make the choice to allow humanity to be crushed like a bug on a rock. At the moment we leave existence, it won’t matter who was powerful. Not only does this not represent a good choice for us, the joy that could fill the lives of many generations would leave a void in the universe, an emptiness in the heart of the unrecognized or recognized God who thought that, given the honor of being our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers we would embrace the opportunity.

The choices we make give us the ability to create wisdom. Failing to do that, we have no sustenance, no joy, no future. What we learn, why we learn, and how we learn are seeds that nature has provided. It is our choice whether to plant them, or not. What we share, why we share, and how we share are nutrients that nature provided to help those seeds grow. When the seeds sprout we are partners with nature that yields peace, plenty, justice, and joy as it reminds us how fortunate we are, how important we are, but our salvation is a gift that we must choose.

Prior education has been carried out as an instrument of power, to produce power. What  we learn should be true. Why we learn should be to nourish the human environment, a special area of what we think of as the physical environment. How we learn should not damage truth or why we learn. Kindness, flexibility, focus, and cooperation are the educational tools that harness natures economic force, an energy source that is not only renewable, but one whose fuel supply is increased by its use.

If we are locked in a box, and somebody on the outside knows how we can get out, but they don’t tell us how, we die a horrible unnecessary death inside the box. Sharing knowledge, and acquiring knowledge to share, is that important. We all take turns in the box of ignorance. Our lives are better knowing that people are working hard to get us out, it truly is an honor to have the opportunity to make a difference, and civilization appears when people can be comfortable knowing that people everywhere are removing lids from the boxes of ignorance, because they care about us, our existence, and our creator.

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