Academic Void

In order for people to better serve and protect each other, they need to study how to better serve and protect each other. There needs to be an academic subject that studies and distributes relevant facts, and eliminates hiding places for ignorance, superstition, social malfeasance, and political malfeasance. The absence of this subject leaves an academic void,  an economic black hole that hides injustice and incompetence.

The purpose of this subject is to make humanity a more capable, trustworthy body that exudes hope and joy as it rids the world of poverty, injustice and war. There is a natural, infinitely powerful, economic force.  Each vector begins with an act of kindness toward a better future.

The economic goals are similar to religious goals, Love your neighbor as yourself. Love God(nature). We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, and they are ours. The difference is that there is no economic reason for blame. Everyone works, opportunely, to make each situation better. People can work from within existing institutions, or from the outside. Accountability is to avoid economic harm. Personal fame, gain, or blame are not economically helpful. Economically speaking, a brighter future always lies ahead, and the path to get there is obvious.

History has ranked people in a number of ways. The advancement of one usually resulted in the demotion of others. Economic structure uses the talents, strengths, interests, and opportunities of all of the people to help all other people. We are part of the body of humanity which does better in the absence of jealousy, bigotry, hatred, and superstition.

The purpose of economics is to make humanity kind, and more competent. We work together individually, but mostly institutionally. Each person is an economic COW, a”C”itizen, an “O”wner, a “W”orker. As citizens of the world, we expect our institutions to serve and protect coming generations as well as the generations that we are a part of.

The academic void centers around kindness, (ethics) the moral imperative to use our efforts, talents and resources for humanity. No where in the vast resources of bureaucratically controlled knowledge bases is there an academic study of the importance of the kind application of knowledge to all World citizens. Kindness, due to its moral implications, is superstitiously treated by academia as if it doesn’t exist, when it clearly does. Kindness is the trait that creates measurable economic value. The clarity of the extent of that kindness increases the dimensions and durability of that superstitiously disregarded value.

Kindness is the point of education. Education is a window, through which we can view economic success. We need to keep the window clean.

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