Academic Purpose

Education, how knowledge is accumulated and distributed, is a ball of mush, a blob. There is still injustice, war, and a multitude of other environmental deprivations, for which there is no credible academic study. Worse, academic nonsense that superstitiously isolates, blames, and punishes people for a failure that is the natural historically repeated result of failed economic architecture. As it exists, institutional education hosts a spineless, monopolistic, bureaucratic, superstitious knowledge base that aristocratically divides the world against itself. Motivated by power and greed, it is the superstitious weapon of choice to control the world for the few, at the expense of the many, and at the expense of the future. This superstitious substitution for credibility collects tidbits of knowledge as it destroys wisdom. To become more, institutional education needs to identify its naturally existing purpose, to learn how to achieve benefit and avoid harm.
It boils down to reality. We share an environment. Cooperatively we have a naturally existing strength. Our ability to thrive is destroyed by dysfunction. People have opportunity that is not shared with other species. When they fight like dogs over a bone, they all emerge losers. The one who ends up with the bone may think he is smart, but he will worry to his last breath about losing it, and he will never have a real friend, just someone who wants the bone.
Besides the individual opportunities that exist, there are communal opportunities. We have opportunities that are shared by all of us, everywhere, and across all generations. People have naturally existing opportunities to secure benefit, and avoid harm. Opportunities exist when we know they exist. Harm on the other hand can exist in the presence of ignorance, injustice, and sloth.
Curiosity is a trait that people have that allows them to learn. People also have the ability to teach what they learn, to others. This learning and teaching is an important part of being human. we call the process education. Education is the label we use to identify a formal structure for learning. Education is superstitiously viewed as a competitive event. Winners are eligible to become part of the intellectual bureaucratic aristocracy.
Knowledge is not flat. Its use affects people in a variety of ways, and it affects all people, humanity, in other ways. Individual lives end, but humanity continues. Knowledge without wisdom is not beneficial. Natural economics is all people working for the benefit of others, and protecting all others from harm. The immensity of natural economic force has never been studied. It is the purpose of all education, and each moment that we ignore its existence we destroy opportunity for ourselves and our future.
Our knowledge changes who we are, and how we act. Do we search for our own food? Do we cooperate or compete with others? Do we know about our ancestors? What do we know about our environment? Can we contemplate the vastness of the universe? Do we care about the past, or the future? What affect do others have on our being and our feeling?
The smattering of knowledge that we consume is an opportunity to become important. Importance changes the way we feel and how we act. It also changes the way others feel, the way others act, and it changes whether or not they feel important.
As education has changed people, they have institutionalized knowledge. It is a resource that revalues all other resources. Knowledge can be shared, monopolized, or misrepresented. The effects on institutions resulting from the monopolization and the mischaracterization of knowledge have a chilling effect on humanity.
Earth, our celestial lifeboat, offers us opportunities. There are also pitfalls. What people learn from their natural curiosity sometimes becomes useful. Some discoveries are harmful. Often knowledge requires discretion to become useful, and to avoid the possibility of causing harm. Education evolved from interesting to empowering. It needs to become safe and beneficial.
It is time for education to get a back bone. Knowledge can be a boon or a threat. Education is the window to wisdom. Wisdom is a natural economic resource. It is the window that will allow us to observe reality, only if we hold the window open, and keep it clean. It has been nailed shut for centuries. To remove the nails and open the window, we must give education purpose. The naturally existing purpose of education is to avoid harm, and produce benefit for humanity, both now and into the foreseeable future,

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