Knowledge or Folly

How much knowledge exists? The acquisition of knowledge is not a reasonable goal for education. It is a superstitious quest. In fact the shear amount of knowledge that exists makes the goal of it’s acquisition trivial. Possessing all of the knowledge known to humankind is as insignificant as owning one grain of sand. Furthermore, proof of its possession is impossible to ascertain, as is the value of it.

This educational folly is curable. The knowledge for knowledge’s sake is not just trivia. Knowledge acquired has traits that make both the cost and the benefit of its generic acquisition incalculable. The reasons to acquire knowledge are more important than the size of the database.

It is the reason to acquire knowledge that determines if education is beneficial to humankind. The ultimate benefit of acquiring knowledge is to economically improve the behavior of humans and humanity, deepening our compassion, focusing our competence, and dancing with nature.

As individuals we are enabled or encumbered by the behavior of our institutions. Also true, our institutions are, and the entirety of humanity is encumbered or enabled by our individual behavior. We can, and ethically we should learn how to enable humanity. We all serve and protect each other. Those actions are economic. Efforts to serve and protect are only economic if they serve and protect. The legitimate purpose of education is economics, to learn how to serve and protect humanity. The knowledge we acquire can be used to serve us. Conversely it can be used to betray us.

That which is not economic is harmful, it degrades us. Elevating humanity will enable this and coming generations to successfully live harmoniously and joyfully. Educational failure defies reason. It degrades the value of our own existence. The value of knowledge lies in its application. The goal of legitimate education is economic progress. We pursue knowledge for curiosity, protection, and benefit.

Facts are facts regardless of whether we know what they are. Their importance lies in what we do with them. Effective education is the quest for knowledge, the study of its validity, and how it is applied with human behavior for the protection, and betterment of humankind.

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