Educational Seed

Educational Seed

Reality and Superstition are not Equivalent. People try to become educated to assume a position at the head of the line. If the line they are trying to lead is going the wrong direction, perhaps what was thought and learned was wrong. The line was misdirected. War, poverty, and injustice still exist, and they are becoming more violent. Safety, health, and satisfaction are becoming increasingly rare bastions reserved only for the wealthy, or perhaps they are just notions selfishly pursued by the deluded. The line can only move forward if it knows where forward is. There is a better reason for education than budging in the line to nowhere. Education grows from a particular seed.

What does it mean to become educated? What is the difference between knowledge and superstition? Where is the line that divides them? Knowing more, and learning more are not naturally beneficial. People can learn things that degrade who they are. Ecologically speaking, human benefit concerns all people for all generations. Educational seeds grow economic vegetation, benefit, much slower than the superstitious weeds that attempt to strangle it.

Education that fails to identify the difference between knowledge and superstition not only grows too many weeds, it fertilizes them. The crop, humanity, cannot thrive, and it may cease to survive for the simple reason that academia embraces superstition and knowledge as though they were equivalent. They are not.

There is an actual reason for education, a seed that grows humanity. There are many, so-called, educated people who don’t know that the seed exists, or care. Education that fails to spring from the seed is illegitimate. It damages the entirety of the environment that people share, and will share for all coming generations. The weed choked garden is not an indicator of advancing civilization. It is an indication that civility is lost.

The educational seed does not grow truth. Truth is a natural resource. It simply exists. Education is the process that teaches people to live with the truth. Education exposes truth and teaches people to coexist with it. Is that not the purpose of education? Truth will always be true, whether or not people still exist. The educational seed is a part of what all people inherit, an attribute like bones, skin, muscles, and a brain.

The educational seed exposes the economic attribute that empowers humanity to, not only, increase its safety, health, and endurance, but to magnify the satisfaction it receives as it strives for them.

No person, or people is independent. Each requires others to protect them and to protect the environment that they share, and will leave with other generations. Education that hides the economic attribute is not educational because it fails to distinguish superstition from knowledge, benefit from chaos.

Education is a tool to direct the line toward humanity. People exist with one truth, one reality, one educational seed. The line can, and must move beyond war, injustice, and poverty.

Despair and dissatisfaction are neither healthy, nor are they necessary. People exist on earth with a naturally existing way to become important. The seed of education is the economic attribute that people share to grow their lives, other lives, and the lives of other generations.

Superstition is drama with a sad ending. Educational progress has three components, from which benefit is harvested for humankind. Plant the seed. Protect it. Nurture it.

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