Economic Glue

The term economics, the natural positive force of social cooperation that maximizes kind competence, is often hijacked by a plethora of ideological groups to exclude others from their circle of cooperation. Whether or not the exclusion is justifiable, it is an antinomic force that fights economic success. Economic success maximizes, survival, freedom from tyranny that maximizes choice, knowledge, and happiness.

The fact that human beings are not able to survive without support from others gave rise to the concept of economics. People spend most of their time working for and protecting others; and they receive the benefits of others working for, and protecting them. The appreciation of being cared for, the dignity of caring for others, and the ability to improve competence and share kindness across generations is natural economic force. Forces that counter this naturally existing force are antinomic, economically toxic.

History is rife with war, famine and injustice. Blame is often used to hide antinomic behavior. The “kind” have been used as antinomic fodder to feed antinomic beasts who charge backwards through the lessons of history. Superstitiously enticing legions to exploit the vulnerable. The antinomic parasites fatten themselves by sucking the economic health from history.

Economics is all people working for and protecting all people, with no one excluded. Each person has a chance to lessen antinomic force, bully behavior. “The Golden Rule” is the ethical basis of economics, it explains how you should treat people, and how you should be treated.

Kindness has been globally recognized as a positive characteristic in virtually every culture since history has been recorded. Without it we are economically incompetent. Unkindness increases antinomic force. It empowers those who exploit the vulnerable, to the detriment of us all. We are one economic family, sharing Earth’s fragile bounty. We can do better. History has shown us the value of kindness, the glue of our existence.

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