Academically portrayed as the study of the distribution of wealth, economics is incomplete, hence econom. Economics is distorted by academia to be disconnected from moral servitude, the way we serve and protect each-other. The very nature of wealth distribution requires ethical inclusion. The value of wealth to humankind diminishes when it is disproportionately shared, and its value decreases when it is used unkindly.

Economics is better thought of in a way that distinguishes values and costs as they benefit or harm humankind, investing human capital and earth’s treasure kindly and competently toward the elimination of hunger and the pursuit of world peace. That is economic. Monopolizing resources and demanding obscene reward for their release is antinomic. Although disproportionate wealth flows toward the monopolizers, the economic ball shrinks. If it shrinks far enough we will have no more economic clout than monkeys.

Those things that are economic promote our survival and the quality of our lives. Those that are antinomic dangerously diminish the quality of our lives. Leaders often secure disproportionate wealth from antinomic sources. They lead by sharing that wealth with underlings, paying them well to “antinomically” mine the economic reserves. Other leaders do the same. That practice has left humankind in a miserable state; unkindly incompetent, at war, impoverished, or starving.

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