Economics – Nature’s Force

Economics is nature’s force that allows us to improve the environment for our individual and collective survival, comfort, joy, and dignity. To accomplish this we need to use nature’s resources, our own effort, our own senses, our own intellect, our collective civility, and our own feelings.

Money is used as a medium of exchange printed to meter, to calculate, and to transfer “fair value. Value is inherited from previous generations as genetic capability, knowledge, tools, work ethic, language, and moral values…

There are non monetary exchanges that take place as well. Nurturing, feeling, enjoying, and cross generational communication, such as, writing, art, archeology, music, customs, religion, and feelings at the time of birth and death.

Nature has provided us a plethora of tools to improve our lives and those of future generations. The efforts of those who lived their lives to make ours possible should be respected. Our lives can nourish the future if we use the economic force that God, so generously, gave us.

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