Economic Benediction

Economic activity is predicated on two foundations the practical, and the ethical. The economic product is maximized when those foundations are solidly combined, so as to be essentially one base for any economic activity. This insures that costs and benefits are equitably shared.

The practical foundation is solid if the activity can be successfully completed. It is not concerned with balance, fairness, sustainability, or collateral damage. Exploitation, monopolization, segregation, and militarization, are among a plethora of practical economic strategies.

The ethical economic foundation is a historical bag of mush. Practical economic solutions are simpler but they are unsustainable because the costs and the benefits are not shared in a tenable way.

The perceived problem with ethics is that there is not a universal religion so people don’t agree on what ethics entail. This is only a perception, however. It is an excuse that has been historically replicated to placate practical economic behavior. There is in fact universal ethical agreement. Kindness is ethical, and the polar opposite of practical human selfishness.

Humans differ from most animals in that they can be almost completely cared for their entire lives. Humans also differ from most animals in that they are almost completely dependent on the care of other people their entire lives. Some people work hard for the human ecosystem. Some exploit it. Some are incapable. Some are super-capable, but capability is intensely dependent on economic resources. People who are deprived of economic resources are proportionately deprived of capability, health, happiness, and life. Practical and ethical economics share a solid foundation.

The golden rule has existed in some form since before written language. Treat other people well. There is no promise of receiving a reward for that kindness. In fact, it is the other person that receives the reward for your kindness. You work harder, the other person gets the reward. Economic ethics is like that. When the economic community treats people well, everyone in the economic neighborhood receives the benefits. No one is singled out as being more or less deserving. Capability, health, happiness, and even life are totally dependent on economic interaction. This life giving economic force is a phenomenon that is as natural as water or fire.

Jesus Christ was a student of that natural force of economics. He was the “father,” capable of generating kindness. He was the “son,” totally dependent on the kindness of others. He was the holy spirit, that runs through generations, allowing kindness to be passed as an economic resource, a gift that we don’t deserve, but it is inextricably connected to life itself.

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