What is Economics

Economic activity is the way that people provide for and protect each other. Antinomic force is the uneconomic resistance. That resistance can manifest itself monetarily, ideologically, or ecologically. Through history small economies have used exclusion, and monopolization as business tools. Those are antinomic tools that impede economic success.

Another roadblock to economic success is our failure to recognize that human life is a continuing event, making economic progress what we are born into, improve, and pass on. We inherited not only our genes, but the system that degrades or empowers humankind. That system allows or denies human lives. Those human lives allow or deny that system.

There was a robin in our yard who for some reason wanted to fly through our closed window. The robin seemed incapable of mastering the idea that his desire to fly through that closed window would be unsuccessful. In the same way we keep using birdbrained antinomic attempts to fly through the closed economic window. Each antinomic attempt will be futile. What appears possible is only the reflection of economic possibility. As people we are capable of, and responsible for learning from past mistakes. The lessons we learn open the window to a better future.

Each of us is born helpless. Economic nurturing enables us to become individually capable of economic activity, nurturing those around us. We are the product of our predecessors economic behavior, and our efforts feed those who follow. Each of our lives has economic value because we live them to serve others. Their lives have economic value because they serve us. Humanity has economic value because it serves God. This is not religious speculation. This is repeatedly documented throughout history.

Personal comfort and pleasure are abundant in cozy environments where natural economic forces are sufficient. Abundance gives birth to economic opportunity. Economic opportunity must be shared or its polarity changes making it an antinomic force. Antinomic force deflates economic capacity. All humanity is affected by economic capacity.

The economy is thought of as a way to generate goods and services. It is not that. What it is, is a way of life that protects and pampers all people. It respects the deceased, the living, and it builds a nest for future generations.

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