Cash Crop

Modern day farmers need at least one cash crop. They sell the crop for the money they need to provide for their families and cover their expenses. The world’s economy is like a farm. It needs cash crops to provide for its citizens and cover its expenses.

In the past, and at the present time, the cash crop of choice for the world’s economies is poverty. How can poverty be a cash crop? How they get money from poor people? How much can they get?

In an ailing economy, one that doesn’t provide for all of its people, there two classes of people that don’t exist in a healthy economy. They are the ‘harvesters’ and the ‘harvested.’ Everyone else works for each other. They are a middle class. Expanding the middle class is difficult because harvesters reward those who help them harvest, and punish those who don’t.

The engine of the economy is its workers. They clean, feed, clothe, and house its people. They improve communication, transportation, education, and healthcare. People specialize in one or a few particular jobs, and receive the service of the rest. People work for the economy, and the economy works for them, and those who are incapable of work. Failing to provide economic care for the needy, plants the seeds for making poverty a cash crop. This is how?

Governments print money as a medium of exchange that makes it possible to measure perceived value. When someone does a job, how is the value determined? There are exactly two economic questions. Who gets what? and Why do they get it?  The answers are neither finite nor exact, but plain language explanations go a long way toward establishing fair value.

Harvesters evaluate people. Those who help them harvest they pay according production. The harvested work harder and harder for less and less. The harvester has fewer emotional ties to the harvested than a farmer has to his chickens, and like those chickens, the harvested workers are just a cash crop.

I have a granddaughter who has had a savings account in Wells Fargo Bank since she was a baby. She is 12 and has never made a withdrawal. Over the last year she deposited $100, earned $3 in interest. They took out $130 in fees. Wells Fargo is an example of a poverty harvester. Its employees probably don’t condone cheating children, but they are paid to ignore that it is happening.

Poverty harvesters put people on the auction block. Your services will sell or you will be discarded like yesterday’s rubbish. You are their cash crop.


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