Lead Forward

Public institutions are destroying themselves. Bureaucratic governmental, corporate, and educational leadership, has historically been, by the leaders, for the leaders; and at the expense of those who blindly follow, are forced to follow, or refuse to follow. Today, after centuries of observation, little has changed.

As bureaucracies have matured, people who would have been considered “middle class,” were rarely promoted to leadership. They were steadily forced into servitude working harder for less. Lack of representation by leadership dehumanized citizens in the eyes of their self absorbed leaders.

Natural market forces stagnate, when fair value rewards for leadership are insulated from marketplace reality. This cronyism imposes the bloated marketplace costs on those who can afford them least, and erects a wall between human misery and earth’s bountiful economic garden.

The logical solution is to align the cost of leadership with the rest of the marketplace. Should a leader command twice the salary of an underling if there is a qualified person who will do the job for less? Should a leader receive a thousand times the salary? Ten thousand times?

The purpose of business and government is to be kindly competent. There is a direct relationship between unkind incompetence in bureaucratic institutions, and disproportionate rewards to their leadership. Sometimes institutions are shamed into token increases for a small portion of the public to justify increases in their own opulence. The cost is typically passed down to those who can afford it least, and have little power over their collective fate; and so they compete for favors, selling out their peers for a tiny temporary increase in personal status. This competition mutes their collective voice. Thus bureaucracies have rendered themselves incompetent and mean spirited throughout history and still today.

One objective of Clearbiz Inc is to collect and publish credible data that will create a natural economic market for leadership, and study the results. Who gets what? Why do they get it? The statistical analysis of this data, displayed for use in government, commerce, and education will leave leaders, who are incompetent, unkind, or just greedy, no place to hide. There is no logical reason to repeat the inhumane cycle of history. We can eliminate the root cause of war, famine, and social injustice in the next decade. We should do that.

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