Economic Tree

Economics is not a democratic force. Economically speaking, that which hurts anyone hurts everyone. When democratic majority forces demand much from the disempowered. They reign supreme over little more than shame. Economic forces require that everyone be included. That allows a people to share much.

Democracy like any other form of social structure is not exempt from economic force. A majority opinion has no effect on gravity, nor on economics, a force that has been accelerating since the beginning of human existence.

The fruit of economics is competence. The freshness of the fruit is kindness. The aged economic tree will live until the last person ceases to exist. Its fruit is what makes us all that we dream we can be, but rotten fruit neither inspires dreams nor nourishes competence.

In the beginning economic force was tiny, but important. Humans were week, slow to mature, and dependent on others for survival. Each person worked for the others. Each human life had two parts, one that was personal, and another that belonged to humanity.

Today, we humans are still nearly totally dependent on others, for survival, for inspiration, and for purpose. Economic force is derived from energy that people expend on each other. It is increased and passed through generations as tools, resources, knowledge, and feelings.

Accelerating economic force gives humanity escalating power, power that can serve humanity, or destroy it. The economic tree was our heritage, and it will be our legacy. Its fresh fruit can nourish the future. We are responsible for its abundance, and its freshness.

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