Economic Ascension

BuildaClearBiz is about economic ascension. Ascension is a term that is usually used to  describe moral movement in a positive direction, upward, toward heaven. Economic ascension also refers to movement in a positive moral direction, toward human betterment. For some, religious or ethical values are the moral compass that guides their lives, and they try to conduct their business in an ethical manner, and trust that others will do the same. But, many people don’t have a built-in compass, or they may just choose to ignore it, for power, profit, or perverse enjoyment. But mostly, people are drawn to uneconomic leadership for personal exploitive opportunities, because they feel that the exploitation is trivial, and those whom they are exploiting are less deserving than they are.

Economic ascension is what happens when there is economic balance, and economic balance probably cannot be achieved without clear business structures. What do those clear business structures do? They define and illuminate the business goals and activities in a way that holds everyone immediately accountable for good faith effort.

Without clear business structure, one business prospers by putting others out of business. Workers do more work for less compensation, putting less capable workers out of work. Winners are made by making others losers. Power becomes concentrated into increasingly fewer hands, and vulnerable people are increasingly devalued. Without clear business structure, human well-being keeps finding new lows.

BuildaClearBiz defines clear business structure. Natural economic reality clearly shows that progress is very easy to destroy. Clarity of purpose, and clarity of activity toward that end, requires that we expect business activities be clearly aimed at the betterment of humankind.



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