The term evolution is used to denote positive transformation that makes it possible to use environmental opportunity toward the service and protection of humanity. When economic opportunity decreases, devolution is occurring. Economic devolution can impair or destroy genetic improvement.

Poverty, injustice, and war are devolutionary indicators, that show the destruction of natural opportunity. Just as light creates the possibility for vision, diligence, cooperation and kindness create the possibility for economic evolution.

Economics evolve or devolve according to the economic environment. It started with Adam and Eve, and it will continue unless devolution swallows humanity, and people no longer exist. Economic opportunity is a product of human behavior which determines whether we evolve to avail our collective selves of natures opportunities. What is unique about economics is that people create the economic environment. Their lives are enriched by its evolution, or subdued by its devolution.

Nature provides light, a gift from God, the environmental quality that allows us to see. With economics humankind is uniquely bestowed with Godlike power to create or destroy economic environment. Nature does not create economic environment, only the opportunity.

There is a force in nature, an environmental opportunity that we have. Whether it serves us or betrays us depends on the choices we make. Biological evolution, and devolution are determined by nature, but human beings actively create their economic future, or pay the price with incompetence and inhumanity.

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