CER – Clear Economic Ruler

Cooperative effort increases value by an economic factor. That value is determined by the kindness and the competence of the economic community. The “economic factor” is an efficiency multiplier given society (the COWs, Consumers, Owners, and Workers) for doing “good,” “well.”

Of course “good,” or “well” can not be easily measured with conventional tools. We need to use a “CER,” clear economic ruler. A CER measures the monetization of value, a graphical representation of receipts for relative economic efforts. Who does what? How are they rewarded? A CER publicly generates an economic scan showing how to financially support economic behavior and to financially deter toxicity, antinomic behavior.

Bureaucratic institutions have traditionally put the value of the economic factor in the pockets of their leaders. Their incentive was the money in their pockets. When that happened, support was withdrawn for doing “good,” “well,” in favor of maximizing income for administration. Over compensation for administration is well documented in history as antinomic behavior, but has seldom been labeled as such. Clear labels must exist on economically toxic facilities.

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