I have spent much of my life trapping. What I can’t catch by chasing, I can usually trap. It is something that I seem to have a talent for. I enjoy the challenge, and it is time and energy efficient.

There many reasons for trapping. The trapper always has the advantage, and the “trapped” is always in dire need of mercy. Usually the trapped victim loses its life for the comfort, the convenience, or the sustenance of the trapper.

The great thing about trapping is that, whatever is being trapped catches itself, after taking all the steps dictated by logic, habit, and comfort. The final steps are toward the perceived safe happy continuation of normality. Complete surprise is the often fatal result for the hapless victim.

The mission of economics, the general welfare of humanity, effectively clears the environment of traps. The tools that it uses are trust, logic, truth, and justice. Civility requires that we serve and protect each other. Safety and efficiency are sacrificed when our survival is based on avoiding traps.

Traps are antinomic subtractions from the factor of economic cooperative efficiency. That being said, an environment free of traps is a more lucrative place to set a trap. For that reason economies must spend resources to insure that the COWs, consumers, owners, and workers. will not step into a trap, and those same economies establish a way to rescue them in the unlikely event that they do.

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