Use ‘Clearbiz’

This is how ‘clearbiz’ works: Some businesses, corporations, some government agencies, and some large institutions treat individual citizens as if they are trash, especially poor individual citizens. Legislatively individual citizens have been sacrificed, and the failed safety net is the legal system. Vulnerable people have never had free speech, only free whispers. The clearbiz mission is to publicly clarify the economic responsibility of the institutions, and to give their victims an authoritative voice to prevent or correct any injustice inflicted on them. Infractions of civility are deplorable. Allowing them to continue is a public disgrace.

Constitutionally the price of justice is free, but there is no justice if you are cheated by your bank, your telephone company, or your government. These, and other institutions often become experts in cheating the vulnerable and make it appear as if it is the victims own fault that they were cheated. ClearBiz will persistently use the internet to embarrass abusers for their bad behavior, and appreciate those who proceed kindly and competently. Our focus is on the education of students, workers, investors, shareholders, elected officials and voters. We expect, kind competence from our institutions, and everyone benefits when that is what is received.

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