Education, Democratic Foundation

The democratic principle is a way to balance the good of the group with the good of the individuals in the group, but it offers no protection for those outside the group or disfavored minorities within the group. Even more troubling is the fact that members of the group who are uninformed or misinformed tend not to promote their own best interest or the best interest of the group. These are among the weaknesses that undermine the trust that people have in democratic institutions to the point that economic activity is dramatically impaired.

Leadership in democratic institutions relies on disproportionately favoring powerful groups in return for their support. Leadership has the opportunity to garner disproportionate power by emitting false information, inaccurate information, or no information. This exacerbates the ability to keep an informed citizenry. It creats a deep divide between the haves and the have-nots, who tend to be the informed and the misinformed.

Thomas Jeferson said, “Democracy demands an educated and informed electorate.” That education must include the dimensions of our interdependence, the delicacy of our environment, and the fragility of any economic system. The ignorance and the ignore-ance of information on these topics is costly. There is much education that takes place that produces practically no understanding of the basic subjects required to be educated or informed about anything that would allow us to govern ourselves in any kind or competent manner. This type of governance amounts to nothing more than, “economic witchcraft.”

Much of the education that we do get is meant to individually propel people to higher positions, feeding an antinomic machine that consumes the trusting, the weak, and the poor that it propagates for its own consumption.

Countries invent ways to preserve the appearance of an ethic that does not exist. Democracy can be a fair way to make a choice, but without adequate clear economic information democracy is akin to witchcraft. Justice cannot prevail while economic knowledge is hidden, misconstrued, or ignored. Of what value are votes cast in ignorance?

There needs to be a coalition of all of the world’s population. The purpose of this group is to provide a place to gather and verify information and to allow no hiding place for misinformation. The the purpose of this coalition is to provide the world’s population a foundation for good government. Clearbiz is in the process of establishing a system of education that serves and protects the interests of that universal coalition.

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