Poverty Farm

There have been many resources that have fueled business relationships throughout the centuries. Historically those resources have been greedily snatched up by those with the foresight to preside over them. Whoever had the supply could sell it to those who needed it, and the suppliers were the few and those who needed the resources were the many. The few became wealthy, and the many became poor. Because the many were beholding to the few, they sold the few their existence, fought their battles, and put the fews’ interests above the manys’.

This poverty is the resource that allows business, and governmental heads to become inordinately powerful, and rich, plutocratically entitled. This is what has been called “world order.” This kind of “world order” sows poverty in our human garden, and reaps hunger, war, and terror.

Poverty is a hidden toxic resource that appears in the presence of disparate compensation, and disappears in its absence. Poverty hides in plain sight because all eyes look up at the flower of wealth. They prefer not to look down at the weeds of poverty that surround them, choking humanity from the human garden.

Poverty is the crop that is planted by the fews, an addictive, toxic substance that is ruining the health of the human body, humanity. In ancient times people coped with the habit by endeavoring to be one of “the few,” and they enjoyed the high they received from it. It was the manys who paid the price. They suffered the agony, the pain, the hunger, and the premature death, but even more terrible was the disrespect. How could they be treated with such utter disdain? A lifetime of labor, producing literally everything owned and enjoyed by “the few” has gone unappreciated.

What was once called “world order” can now be seen for what it clearly is. It is the excuse of the addicted few to continue their toxic habit, cultivating, and exploiting poverty. Like parents serve children to make them kind, healthy, capable, and appreciative, we must serve each-other. When we treat this addiction, the exploitive few will no longer exploit poverty, but eradicate it. We must treat even our most vulnerable well. The gifts we receive are to share with our human family. The “world order,” of old, was a poverty farm.

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