Academically, Economics, the study of the distribution of goods and services, is the modern day equivalent to medieval witchcraft. Some sort of “Hocus Pocus,” rising out of  an opaque cloud of complexity, is supposed to magically turn our efforts, be they constructive or destructive, into human progress. The magicians, monetary manipulators, describe the rituals we must perform to mysteriously rise from a deplorable heap of human misery.

Present day economics is like alchemy in that the scientific measurements are recorded for study on a trial and error basis. Huge leaps of logic are replaced with mystical moral beliefs, that justify unkind and incompetent behavior. Ideological blindness allows people to comfortably ignore reason, their plight, and the plight of their fellow human beings. That ignore-ance allows them to place blame on other people whom they perceive to be laden with guilt.

Economic force only travels forward. When people work together there are three possible impediments; a force of nature, a mistake, or people consciously performing antinomic activity. The true science of economics has to accurately identify the impediments to economic progress. Only then, can we politically eliminate them or navigate around them.

The economy is the environment where people live. Humans can’t survive without the help of others. Each of us has people protecting us, housing us, governing us… The economy is cared for, not by God, but by people. The economy is the environmental garden that we must cultivate to sustain human life. We need to expend the effort to care for it. Economics is the way forward. Economically we are capable of improving who we are, and who our children will be.

Who are we? We are , Consumers, Owners, and Workers. We are each all three. We own our environment. We consume materials, food, and space, and we all work to produce, transport, and protect our individual and social welfare, our economy.

It is time to replace hocus pocus economics academically to establish the science of economics. We need to control antinomic tendencies that rob resources from the economic sphere, pollute the intellectual environment, and devalue human existence. Magic is not going to decrease ecological and human degradation, stop war, or increase the value of humanity. Economics will, but only after we admit its existence.

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