Economic Wall

Any wall disingratiates people on opposite sides. Walls dampen communication. They separate facts from the reality that all people, across all time share exactly one environment. The kindness, and the competence that people exhibit as they share this habitat is economics. Nothing else is. There is only one reason to build an economically credible wall. That is to increase kindness and competence by avoiding economic harm. The wall is between harm and benefit. The world’s population occupies the side that is creating the barrier to protect itself from the harm that they are isolating to the far side of the wall.

There are also educational walls. They share the same attributes as the economic walls. Disenfranchisement and super-enfranchisement block communication, the foundational attribute of education. Education is the foundational attribute of economics. Education is a direction, not an amount. Each discovery gives birth to many new mysteries. ‘Know-it-all-ism’ is a wall that blocks economy. It damages the nest of humanity that allows high quality life and assures its natural continuance. The environmental damage to the nest destroys human lives, and threatens human existence.

Walls are erected for protection, out of fear and ignorance. When people surround themselves with walls they lock themselves inside with the fear, and the ignorance. They block their innate ability to eliminate, or avoid harm. The outside forces are seldom as devastating as those inside the wall. Economic advancement is accomplished by tearing down walls. There is one necessary exception. The economic wall that separates harm from benefit must be consistently kept in a state of repair. Repairing that wall is how people protect others, and other generations. It is how they protect us.

While our existence is miraculous, reality is where we live. It is up to humanity to protect itself. People are not gifted with the ability to care for themselves. Instead, they have an innate economic attribute, the ability to care for each other, and other generations. It is infinitely beneficial to do so, and tragically harmful to fail.

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