Democratic Lies

Beginning with the ancient greeks, democracy has played a role in what is commonly thought of as effective governance. Based on the history that preceded now, what effect has that governance created? Are democratic principles sufficiently principled? Are they based on superstitious ideology?

Have you ever wondered why there is still poverty, injustice, and war? Isn’t it too bad that, despondence, desperation, and despair are so prevalent in a world where people work so hard? Why aren’t we leaving a better habitat for coming generations? Is there a particular hurdle that we have to get over that will help us become kinder, and more competent human beings?

Is democracy a goal, or is it just a way to reach one? Accepting democracy as a goal, validates the democratic results, which are sometimes appalling. Majority rule does not nullify the effects of bad results, nor does the principle that spawns majority rule.

Democracy has to become a vehicle to eliminate harm. Democratic favoritism not only allows injustice, it creates it. The two elements necessary to the quality of humanity, and to its survival are kindness, and competence. We share one small planet. What we do determines the future, and the quality of the future.

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