What people call political solutions keep dividing humanity and demeaning it. Politics fails superstitious populations. Intellect can only make sense of reality. Neither good, nor evil biologically exist. People are neither, but they do have the economic ability, and the political ability to improve the state of humanity. Wisdom is a particular resource that they possess that can improve that state. Failure by its definition is not wise. Intellect can only produce wisdom in reality. Intellect applied to reality produces wisdom. The superstitious applications of intellect produce failure. Political solutions require wisdom.

Wisdom, and therefore politics, have two components that are often not applied to history. Intellect must be applied to reality to achieve political solutions. When reality is not understood, and when it is ignored, politics, and the substance of which it is composed, wisdom, do not exist. In that case intellect is only capable of producing failure, human degradation. Benefit is, of course is not harmful. Harm is the absence of benefit. The reverse is not true. The absence of harm is beneficial.

While these seem like word games, their importance lies in understanding a better path forward. Who doesn’t want to be safe, important, and content? There is but one alternative to political success, and that is to fail. Making mistakes is normal. Repeating them is not wise, not economic, and not humane.

The politics do no harm. Harm is not politic, not wise. When people blame harmful outcomes on politics they are equating superstition with wisdom. Intellect used politically produces benefit. However positive outcomes cannot be produced ignorantly, or superstitiously. No amount of intellect changes the effects of natures reality on humanity.

People have, not one, but three lives, and they all matter. They are part of reality. Time began their first life. Their DNA produced a unique personality that was already present at the beginning of their second life. Their second life is the life that grew their carnal body. People are incapable of protecting themselves, sustaining themselves, or satisfying themselves. Their third life has shared vulnerabilities, capabilities, and sensibilities. Humanity is what we call their third life. Humanity is one body whose job is to protect, sustain, and satisfy all carnal life across all generations.

There is but one reality, that all people live in. They will live there forever. Their vulnerabilities are naturally exposed to nature. Intellect is a capability people have. It is an opportunity to enhance humanity, but it is often not used that way. Not benefiting humanity is harmful to it. It is failure. Failure puts the existence, the capability, and the satisfaction of each person, in all generations at unnecessary risk.

Kindness is humanity. The state of humanity is best understood by the state of its most vulnerable. Misery, and despair are infectious. They spread across borders, boundaries, and generations. They are caused by intellect applied superstitiously. Superstition is not some ancient relic. Look for harm to humanity. Superstition is hiding right behind it. Wisdom heals. Where there is no healing, there is no wisdom, and there are no political solutions.

What then is the solution? How can people become wiser? How can humanity rid itself of misery and despair? How can each of us become kinder, more effective, and more content?

There are institutions such as government, religion, and education, that apply intellect to accomplish those goals. They all attempt to accomplish them superstitiously. They erect barriers instead of removing them. The primary way they do that is dehumanization. In the quest for power, these, and many other institutions attempt to dehumanize their members, or their constituents, usually both.

Governments often seek power by ranking citizenship. What they consider to be good citizens are pampered. Other citizens are not adequately protected. Citizens of other countries are often disrespected or shot, just because of where they were born. The oneness of humanity is ignored. Religions identify people as being religious or sacrilegious. Religions that preach love often exhibit hate. Education tends to rank people by their intellectual capacity relegating many students to disrespect, and poverty. These institutions cause people to pretend that they are something that they aren’t. People dehumanize others to hide the terrible things that they have been taught to believe about themselves. Superstitious notions make illogical institutional links between genetics, education, religion, and culture, to name but a few.

Pre-civilized people were ruled by power. They became increasingly aware of the new dangers and fought valiantly to protect themselves as others fought against them for the same reason. Dehumanized, people fought like a pack of wolves for survival. They knew nothing of the wonders that were available to them, largely because entire civilizations, cultures, and genetic strains were completely decimated. They were unaware of the power of their natural economic ability, that could connect their individual bodies to a more sustainable, happier future. Instead they were fearful, hateful, desperate, and combative.

The world to them was limitless. There would always be more room and a better place. All they had to do was find it, and take it. Intellect was superstitiously used to become more treacherous, and more powerful. Obscurity masked each attack. Women, along with other vulnerable people, were seen as objects to be taken and trifled with. Trust was an indication of weakness. There was no nest for civilization.

The world hasn’t changed much. Even though curious people know that resources are not endless, and there is no war that makes people trust each other. Progress cannot happen simultaneously with chaos. Power fueled by human degradation produces unnecessary harm to all of humanity. Even the king of the junk pile, still lives on a pile of junk, and the people who keep him there are working against their own futures, and that of their children.

In darkness, shine a light on one side of a ball. The back side is invisible. Invisibility hides reality. People see what is illuminated, and project what they can see to what they can not see. A few people have peeked at the back side, they know what is there. People who are looking at the visible side are speculating what is on the other side. Intellectuals are listening to the speculation, adding their learned speech, and contemplating how to use their speculations to amass power for themselves.

People who have not already peeked, see that those who have established themselves as the, “smart guys,” have a following that trails along behind looking for favors. Many people, perhaps most, are using their mental capabilities to establish a phony reality that begins, and grows new superstitions. The people who know better are nearly powerless to correct the perception because of the size of following that trails behind, looking for favors.

Paradigm change comes when the other side of the ball is illuminated. Squint your eyes I’m turning on the light. Following along behind “smart guys” looking for favors, is both stupid, and dehumanizing.

Reality shows a different picture of the far side, the future. There is still a quest for power, but it Flows naturally. It is used differently. It pushes the other way. It protects humanity. Instead of protecting people from harm, it eliminates harm, freeing people to pursue benefit. There is no fear, or anger because power is friendly. The paradigm shift freed people. Now they are able to help, and protect others. They are happy and confident because others love, and serve them.

Dehumanization is the cause of war, poverty, and injustice. Illuminating the future shows the wisdom of establishing deep friendships with those we know, those we don’t know, and those who will populate future generations. The only war will be against the dehumanizing harm that hides in superstition. In the light of reality, politics, economics, religion, and education have no negative values, and no zero because they dynamically do no harm.

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