This article is about economics, and not about religion. Creation did not happen. It is happening. It is a process of cause and effect that began the existence of time, and that process will continue until the end of time. When people began to inhabit the earth, of course they wondered where they came from. That was the beginning of the concept of creation. But of course creation didn’t stop just because people were born. It didn’t stop when you were born, and it will continue even after all of us are gone.

Everything that happens, happens because the things that came first allowed it. Prior to the emergence of humanity, things happened because precedence caused them. That changed when people began to populate history. They were endowed with the ability to change the habitability of creation across generations. The ability of people to change the course of history changes the environment they share. It changes the desirability of their existence. It changes their capability to improve their existence, and it is a threat to whether human existence continues to be possible, or even desirable.

People can do things to make life better. Doing other things makes it worse. Doing nothing at all also makes things worse. The concepts of good and evil leave tracks in history that are not helpful in improving it. The terms cause people to confuse behavior, which is controllable, with people, who are not.

People can, and do learn across generations. They have the ability to improve who they are, what they can accomplish, and how they feel. There is a naturally existing economic force that allows them to do that. It is a force that can change who they are, what they can accomplish, and what they can do for future generations.

Creation will continue whether or not people improve the environment that they depend on, and share. They will choose, or fail to choose, whether to become happy, and effective. They will choose whether humanity will terminate early, and miserably. They will make those choices for better or worse.

Ignorance has caused people to avoid the natural economic force that can give us a much better life, and a much better future, or not. Humanity and the living things that share our environment are affected by our actions. People can learn to do better, but choosing to remain ignorant harms people, and it harms coming generations.

People have long known that they could learn things that would help them. They learned many things that made them appear smart. People use education to improve their status. Perceived knowledge is a commodity that is collected, bought and sold. The sale is done both directly, and indirectly as a process to improve goods, and services. The procedure is designed to produce power, and riches for some, at the expense of others. It is labeled Economics. The purpose of education is, by its nature, is economic.

The problem with what we call, “Economics,” is that it isn’t economical. Similarly, the problem with, “education,” is that it isn’t educational. The meaning of the word economics means: a process to care for. What we call economics, isn’t economic, and what we call education, isn’t educational.

Working together is more efficient, and more satisfying than fighting. That is natural economic reality. Working together for the betterment of humanity is economic. Both doing harm, and doing nothing is economic failure. Learning how to work together to improve who we are is educational. Nothing else is. Learning to ignore harm, is not beneficial, and therefore not educational. Safety requires effort. Learning requires that we first, learn how to do no harm. Harm nullifies, and reverses educational benefit. It puts mankind, and its history, in a completely unnecessary downward spiral that we can reverse economically.

Learning what is educational, and what is economic gives us the tools to become intelligent, and humane. We are failing to become educated because we are doing it wrong. We admire learning much, even when much is wrong. The correct answers do no harm, not to the student, not to the environment, and not to the future. The correct answers show how to create a creation that is more hospitable to humanity than we have seen in past generations, or that we have even dared to dream of – for the future.

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