Constitution? A constitution offers protection against legislative, and judicial insurrection. Rules have a purpose, a direction. When they are used differently the constitutional guarantee of that protection does not exist, and the document is trash.

Legality is not rule based. It is constitutional guarantee. Rules have a legitimate purpose, to civilize. When they are used differently they are illegitimate. Rules can be constructed wrong, and they can be interpreted wrong.

Throughout the history of humankind rules have often been used illegitimately. The root problem has two branches, how the rules are constructed, and how they are interpreted. A constitution, any constitution is protection against defective construction, and defective interpretation. Constitutional fuel is not effective, if you don’t pour it in the tank.

Constitutionality is comforting. The forces of nature propel it when there is fuel in its tank. When it goes nowhere, or when there is an explosion, those who were trusted to fuel the bus to civilization failed in their duty. The passengers got cheated.


Ponder this before you read the following 1000 word article, or decide not to. Hijacking civilization is ancient history. Why is it still happening? There is almost no chance that it will end well for anyone? Better outcomes are still within reach, but outcomes are the result of inputs. Fanning the flames will not put out the fire that is burning our constitution, Wildfires burn indiscriminately.

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