There are a few things that don’t change, constants. They are unchangeable. Ignoring constants, failing to identify them, or challenging their existence produces harm. Constants can be studied, recognized, and used to produce benefit.

An example of a constant is gravity. Gravity has unchanging rules of engagement. Constants such as gravity exist in nature. People choose to benefit by obeying constant’s rules of engagement, or they suffer the consequences for not obeying them.

There are constants that have gone unrecognized by history. They have been discovered, but people suffer needlessly, as they disregard them, and their rules of engagement. Those rules help avoid harm, and they unmask opportunities.

Constants are environmental qualities that give people power over their existence. Because of the existence of constants, people have the ability to create a better life. Ignoring their rules of engagement can destroy the quality of life, or the ability to live. People cause change, the quality, and dimensions of which depends on navigating in the sea of economy without crashing into the islands where opportunity is cultivated.

People are supported by constants. Releasing the benefits they hide requires efforts of many people living beyond borders, and beyond generations. It is not surprising that some constants go unnoticed. Some are invisible. Some are huge, and we stand so close to them that they go unrecognized. Constants are clearly identifiable, predominantly by their effect on humanity.

How can we learn about constants? Harm is often the first experience that we have with constants. Gravity for instance, teaches a lesson. A skinned knee, or a bumped head show how gravity’s existence can cause personal tragedy, but the study of gravity has allowed people benefits ranging from space travel to global communication. To avoid harm, and to produce benefit, people need to identify constants, and learn their rules of engagement, just as they are doing with gravity.

The environment is a constant. It is the one habitat shared by humanity, all people for all generations. Economy is a constant, it is the application of the knowledge base that is necessary to protect humanity, and the environment it shares. Education is a constant. It is the accumulation of knowledge that helps to protect economy.

The constants of economy, and of education are directional. The rules of engagement are to do no harm, and to provide benefit to people, and to their environment. It is the direction that is the constant. Economics, and education must discover, and create benefit while avoiding harm. Failing to do that is not economical, nor is it educational.

There is more to learn than is possible to learn. Learning uncovers more questions than it answers. The more people learn, the more there is to know, and ignorance is both dangerous, and unsatisfying. Constants are islands in the sea of the unknown. They are educational starting points, from which observations and calculations are applied. What would happen if the constants weren’t constant? Would the world be habitable? Consider gravity for instance.

The constants give people a way to effectively improve their being. People don’t have to count on blind luck to protect them selves, or to better their situation. Using education they can improve their lives. What happens when education is not recognized as a constant?

Failing to see the constants makes learning a free-for-all. People are surprised by harm, and they suffer alone. They try to achieve benefit individually, or in small groups. They fail. When people fail to recognize the constants, they work hard to find little.

The tragedy is wrongly blamed on evil people. Tragedy is caused by blindness. Those who cannot see the constants can be harmed by them, and they harm other people, and other generations. Goodness is not a gift from God. He didn’t give us goodness. He gave us constants. We have ability to see the constants. We create goodness ourselves, by not ignoring the constants. If we don’t look at them it is not God’s fault. It is our choice. Human history is adrift in an infinite sea of complexity, teaming with opportunity, and grave danger. It is vitally important to open our eyes, and notice the constants.

The constants create a habitat where people can thrive. They are shells that protect people while they explore, enjoy, and invent. People cannot survive either individually, or in groups in the sea of complexity. The constants can be used to create a colony for humankind where they are protected from oblivion. History is the only place people occupy. They, and they alone can create unimagined opportunities simply by clinging to the constants, and respecting their rules of engagement.

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