Trust, kindness, and competence are the outcomes that repel natural antinomic forces. Economics is the power that protects people who work for and protect each other. The antinomic force is in the opposite direction. Antinomic force has points of attraction on each individual. Antinomic leaders consider individuals to be pawns that they use to for their own self-gratification, or glorification.

Economic power is created by promoting health in each clear economic cell which the body of humankind is made from. Antinomic power is created by ranking humans for subservience to leadership. Economic leaders are subservient to economic forces that have the potential to stop war, starvation, and institutional incompetence. Antinomic forces exacerbate those conditions.

Humanity needs to exploit economic power for its protection, comfort, and importance. We are just a small part of the magnificent universe, but the quality of our being is in our hands. God made the laws of nature. If we jump from a cliff, gravity is the force we reckon with. When we exist on earth, as a people we must respect economic force just as individually we must respect gravity, or we will suffer the consequences.

People working together for economic betterment is a good idea, but antinomic forces often provide a means of survival. Dictatorships and democracies often demand antinomic service. People must survive to do good, and when economically unprotected from antinomic force they succumb to it. Illogical Moral arguments have masked our responsibility to impartially study antinomic force, and its negative economic effects. Without the study of antinomics, whose forces have forged the dark side of history, we will be caught in the historical cycle of untrustworthiness, unkindness, and incompetence.

It has been said that, “We must study history so we don’t have to repeat our mistakes.” Antinomic forces determine the path of history. They have not been studied or even publicly identified. Antinomic forces crumble the foundation of civility. Economics is the natural force of goodness capable of being generated by humanity. Antinomics is the force of evil that humans are capable of generating.

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