Unchangeable Economic Law

Kind Competence, is a book based on what this website describes, the unchangeable natural law of economics. It is like gravity. Stuff falls. We respect that, or pay the consequences. Economically we serve and protect each other, or get sucked into history’s tragic cycle. Natural economics allows us one more chance to get it right. When we do that, the effect of the invention of the wheel on civilization will pale in comparison.

In spite of its prominence, the natural economic phenomenon has not been publicly acknowledged. We still live with the ancient paradigm that egocentrically distorts economic reality. Scientific innovation has now provided us with a window that shows how our diminutive presence is linked with our vast potential. Also visible is the fact that the body of humanity has the clear opportunity to protect itself economically.

Peace, love and joy are what authentic economics can provide us. Economic failure will destroy the habitability of Earth. It will degrade our humanity, making our existence the tragic expenditure of our predecessors’ legacy. That leaves nothing for our children. We have a clear choice. Change our tragic circumstances, or remain a horrible statistic on the dark side of history.

What is a new paradigm in economics, has been mainstream among philosophical and religious thinkers for centuries. The next step is to focus our resources on the service and protection of each other. Restricting access to resources for the purpose of inequitable reward will go away, as will war, hunger, and slavery. They will be replaced by knowledge, love, peace, and joy, that will expand across the ages.

The book contains tools that will simplify the implementation of the new paradigm. They are fun to use, and effective. If you dare read the book, you will emerge on the other side with a clear vision of the direction we must travel to escape the cyclonic downward spiral that is the path of history. There are practical tools that you can use and share to confidently and proudly proceed. We are pioneers traveling away from the historical stench of rotting bodies toward the sweet smell of paradise.

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