Our Task

The task of those living in modern times is to rid the world of hate. That was the task that presented itself in ages past, and our predecessors failed. Hate is the major source of our inability to solve the problems that that threaten our existence, our quality of life, and the diminished value of our lives, our predecessors lives, and the pathetic circumstances under which our children will be forced to exist, should we fail.

Economics is the tool our maker left us to make hate and its consequences a sad part of history, and a lesson that we need never repeat. The economic model requires that we vigorously protect and serve our neighbors. Our payment is that they do the same for us. If our neighbors are lax in their effort or ability, we must work even harder. The task is that important. Being smart and strong, or being presented with an opportunity to do more is a good thing. Taking advantage of the weak, the poor, and the incapable diminishes everyone. Helping them to become stronger, and smarter helps everyone.

Each of us works for the advancement of others. They work for our advancement. That is our economic task.

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