Industrial Complex

Dwight Eisenhower warned of the industrial-military complex that needed to be reckoned with. As it turns out, that was the tip of the industrial-monetary complex iceberg. Too-big-to-fail and too-stupid-to-succeed, this economic iceberg is capable of sinking several centuries of efforts to afford humanity a reasonable shot at civility.

There is a major problem with corporate-governmental alliances. Corporate players have been anointed unchartered political super-citizens with a license to discriminate. They are leeches that suck the human blood that government is chartered to protect.

The purpose of business is service. The responsibility of business is protection. “First do no harm.” When any business fails in its responsibility, it fails in its purpose. Corporate license allows businesses to enslave people. People work for their corporate masters who profit by stifling competition and ignoring responsibility. These corporate entities scarf-up a nations capital putting it in fewer and less deserving hands. Simultaneously they poison the physical and the social environments for this and future generations.

The corporate wage spread can be in excess of 10,000 to 1. The person on the bottom of the wage scale is not an animal. The person at the top, who makes 10,000 times more, is not God. The corporate incentive is to climb on others to stay on top. There is no honorable job that would go unfilled for a fair wage, and nobody should have to work for subhuman wages.

Corporate bureaucracy is inefficient. Each level up costs more. That bureaucracy is paid for by cheating. Holding thousands of jobs and even political careers hostage, these entities monopolize markets to maximize their profits.

Education has been corporately and governmentally commandeered. If your child is in the upper third of his class he/she may qualify for future corporate favor. The other 2/3  just need to learn their places, and of course there are no places for the 25% who became discouraged and dropped out of school without finishing. Oh ya, education doesn’t count if it is not math or science. Our children are being educated to become fodder for corporate dinosaurs.

Allowing corporations an opaque nearly unregulated environment essentially robbed citizens of basic governmental protections. Large corporations partner with government to abscond with obscene monetary rewards that are disproportionate to their service. The service that they render is often economically toxic, and that requires more expenditures to clean up the economic mess.

All of this devalues the currency, making workers work harder for less, in order to make a living. Additionally these corporations lead our elected officials into political divisions and wars that are fought, primarily to allow corporate brass to make more undeserved money. This further devalues the currency…


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