Build Clear Business

Building an effective business structure is building a financially stable ethical mission, a source of pride and value for its participants and its clients. Effective business structure, clearbiz, is the way there. The trip there is satisfying, but business conducted off the road to clearbiz puts people in peril. There are no shortcuts. Stay on the road, and have a wonderful trip.

The participants in clear business need to be payed for their commitment on an effort for value basis. Who gets what? Why do they get it? The answer to those questions should be abundantly clear. The receivers, customers, companies, governments, can easily trace who they are paying and why. Fair cost should always equal good value.

Clear business has its own monetary policy. There are three types of money. All earned money goes immediately into three accounts on an exact percentage basis. The three accounts are spending money, investing money, and saving money. Spending money is to pay all the costs of normal operating expenses. Investing money is saved for minor emergencies and long term expenditures. Saving is long range reinvestment in clear business.

What is clear business? Is any business activity whose mission is to clearly do service for mankind, first doing no harm. Clear business must be sustainable, and it must invest forward.

Who can participate in clear business? Everyone or anyone, clearbiz can be done on an individual basis, a family basis, or an organizational basis, preferably all three.

Does clearbiz have religious affiliation? No, people of all faiths need a secure way to serve humanity, and a clear window to show that they are doing it. The failure of morality to stop injustice, war and famine is the reason for clearbiz. People have been waiting for centuries for God to get rid of the bad guys. We need clearbiz to help us battle our own sinful nature, and it will hold accountable those who think the only sin is getting caught.

Does clearbiz have political affiliation? No, governments are not controlling injustice, preventing war, homelessness, or hunger. With your help, Clearbiz has both the capability, and the probability of doing exactly that.

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  2. Thanks a ton for being our tutor on this subject matter. I actually enjoyed the article greatly and most of all favored the way in which you handled the issues I considered to be controversial. You’re always really kind towards readers really like me and aid me in my living. Thank you.

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