Building Clear Business Cells

Business relationships constructed of clear cells are self regulating.  Many leaders of existing institutions will feel uncomfortable seeing their work illuminated by clarity.  Secrecy and back room dealing will become socially unacceptable.  The impetus for clarity will come from the populous.  Clear cells will spread wealth, wisdom, and responsibility in a more equitable way.  The intended use of clarity is twofold.  Benefit all people who make up the cell, and benefit all people who live outside the cell.  Right and wrong both exist. Clarity will grow the environment for right and diminish the environment for wrong.  Laziness and self indulgence conflict with responsibility.  Clarity will beautify responsibility in a world where the poor and the vulnerable need empowerment and protection.

As with cells in your body, clear business cells differ according to the environment and their intended role.  “Form follows function.” Every cell has a mission or goal.  Every cell  is financed.  Every cell distributes money and goods or service.  Who gets what? – and –  Why do they get it? – are the two questions that must be clearly and simply answered in order for a cell to remain clear.

Building clear business cells is not rocket science.  Many families are fine examples of clear business cells, and there a few businesses that are shining examples.  Everyone works for present and future betterment.  The vulnerable are cared for.  The capable accept responsibilities.  The future goals are targeted and seriously pursued.  Goodness and fairness are pursued and there is an incentive to work for a brighter future for this and future generations. The opaque environment is the equivalent to economic “dark ages” where individuals are powerless to effect positive changes for themselves, for others, or for posterity.

Businesses or governments that operate opaquely become increasingly erroneous and increasingly negligent as they grow.  Their answer to solving their problems is more growth. Ultimately more people are hired to do more inappropriate work.  Some are paid huge amounts to solve insolvable problems.  They disguise their failures with complexity that further exacerbates the problems which they blame on someone else.

Building large institutions with clear business cells will be very effective.  Problems will be handled by the people who are closest to them and understand them the best.  Nobody will be waiting for orders from the top to repair or avoid mistakes.  Each cell will have the incentive to focus its resources on its goal.

As the number of clear business cells increases, the necessity for large businesses and large governments will decrease.  Ethics, the lessons of history, common sense, and eyes watching from every direction will make our children free, proud, and responsible.

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