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ClearBiz is the road to economic reality. It is the way to dramatically transform the World into a much better place. On ClearBiz your efforts make a difference.

Individual efforts are ineffective if others are pushing against them, and group projects fail for the same reason. We have some control over the quality of our future. ClearBiz is the path there. Those who travel it, will nourish the future.

So when you hear about ClearBiz, the simple plan to improve the World, have a good laugh. Then prepare for a pleasant surprise. You probably already understand the plan. You may have learned it in church, or read about it. If not, I’ll bet you dreamed of the world appreciating your efforts, and how comforting it was to know that everyone was working for human betterment, and honor and peace. ClearBiz has been included in religious and philosophic teachings for centuries, but it has been portrayed as weak behavior by political and business leaders. They have blocked the path that is now known as ClearBiz, and conducted humanity’s business like a free-for-all. This has not, and will not serve us adequately.

ClearBiz involves expectation. Expect the appropriate behavior. Expect it from yourself, and expect it from your neighbor. Expect it from the social institutions that you support and those you depend on. When you drive down the highway the other drivers stay on the appropriate side of the centerline because that is what is expected. The fulfillment of that expectation leaves everyone safer, more mobile, and more serene.

Liberally defining business, as all relationships that involve time and money, there is a centerline that divides business activities into those that are in the appropriate lane and those which are not. Those in the correct lane enhance public safety and serenity. Those activities that are in the wrong lane violate civilized expectations and put us all at risk.

Since I am unaware of a descriptive name for the plethora of different business relationships, I will call each one a “Corporate Cell.” All corporate cells receive money and pay people to produce goods or services. Who gets what, and why do they get it? We should all expect that no one would be paid for activity in the wrong lane, and we should all expect that money received to pay for goods or services not be spent for activity in the wrong lane. “Clear Corporate Cells,” (CCCs) are units of business activity that are proceeding in the right direction on a clearly marked road, ClearBiz.

Compare CCCs to vehicles that travel down public highways to deliver goods and services. Everyone has the right to expect them on the correct side of the centerline, and, for safety’s sake, have the ability to easily check to make sure they are not headed into oncoming traffic.

Not only is commercial business composed of corporate cells, but also government, education, and nonprofit institutions as well. When those cells are translucent or opaque. That obscurity often masks activity in the wrong lane, and even when that isn’t the case, the perception that it could conceal activity in the wrong lane is disruptive. It dramatically raises the cost of delivery, and it lowers the amount that can be delivered.

“People tend to want freedom for themselves. For everyone else they want responsibility. ”Driving on the wrong side of the road may give someone a sense of being free, but it constrains their movement and puts them, and others, at risk. Ability increases with responsibility. Responsibility does not flourish without clear social expectations, centerlines, which increase accomplishment and serenity. CCCs must retain their clarity for self-preservation, for increasing public safety, and for maximizing their own usefulness.

Why build a Clear Corporate Cell?

As individuals protect their health in order to be happy and productive, so do CCCs, groups of people conducting business activity in the proper lane. A CCC is not an unmanned drone. It has a captain and a crew, people whose safety depends on its health. There are also people who depend on the CCC for the goods or service that it provides. Healthy it produces more in a better way. Finally there are the people who pay for the vehicle. They expect their investment to stay healthy. Mutual interdependence, mutual responsibility, and mutual benefit are the natural economic drivers of free enterprise.

Just as ancient people thought that the world was flat, today’s leaders have a “flat world” economic view. Their policies are all based on a failed theory that uses gross domestic product (GDP) as the primary indicator of economic health. The idea being that, a lot of money circulating would translate into people being better off. That is not even close to being true, and it is totally inconsistent with the golden rule that is morally subscribed to by most of “civilized,” humanity.

GDP includes money spent on those business activities that are going the wrong way. Those activities cause an uncontrollable growth in spending to repair the damages caused by activity in the wrong lane. Business activities that poison, pollute, cheat, or degrade are illegitimate. They are the opaque cancerous cells. Illegitimate activity is part of the cancer, and so is activity in the proper lane that is generated to repair the damage caused by the illegitimate activity. The part of the growth in GDP that is cancerous is strangling the economic, social, and physical well-being, of the entire world.

Opaque business activities also occur in government. Officials hide behind complexity. They have no clear centerline to guide their activity. Worshiping their, “GDP God,” they blindly promote its cancerous growth.

The expectation of clear corporate cells is what is needed. Each business activity needs a clear legitimate goal. How the participants who cooperate to achieve that goal are adequately paid, should be clear and fair. Those who fund the activity; investors, donors, or taxpayers; should be able to see how their investment buys equivalent value.

Pioneers of Progress

We, the pioneers of the next century, have opportunities heretofore unknown. Science describes an evolutionary theory, “Survival of the Fittest. Human survival is probably not dependent on smarter and stronger beings. It does depend on people working together to nurture and protect each other and their environment. Survivors work for humanity, and humanity works for them. Clearbiz will be marking the center of the road, so that our journey through life will be serene and happy, and it will end in a good place.


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