Companies are Government

There are laws of nature, and consequences for not obeying them. If you jump into fire you get burnt. If you jump into water you get wet. If you treat people inhumanely, they suffer the consequences. So do you, and so does all humanity. Civilization needs to be reborn. Divine conception, because only God could allow us this many transgressions, and still give us another chance. Installing the expectation of clear business cells throughout government and business would relegate governmental/corporate oppression to past history.

How many people would choose to live under an oppressive governmental regime? The question seems ridiculous. The fact is that all oppressors are supported by a multitude of people who support the oppression in return for favorable treatment. The oppressors are bullies who reward their defenders and punish those who oppose their tactics. These bullies have no problem enlisting support. Some of the support comes from cowardice. Some comes from greed, but mostly the support comes from people who just want to keep their families from falling into the abyss of poverty. Citizens are forced to choose between ethics and poverty.

When companies are allowed to become oppressive, that oppression is, in fact, with the permission of the government. The government is perfectly capable of enforcing anti discriminatory legislation, and they are capable of writing new law. Conflicts of interest keep them from doing that. The oppressing companies and the government are co-governing and co-oppressing. At some point the problem became unmanageable. The best intentioned leaders have become increasingly powerless to change a system that is increasingly more interested in itself than its service. There is a growing chasm between the oppressors and the oppressed. A budding civilization is wilting, unable to flourish in an increasingly hostile environment.

Many oppressive corporations are bigger than small countries. They operate as if they were a branch of multiple governments. Operating with impunity, they use slave labor, abuse resources, start wars, and ravage the physical, social, spiritual, and political environments. They cannot be punished without harming thousands of innocent people who depend on them for income or service. The cost of corporate irresponsibility is passed on to taxpayers, citizens, and future generations.

Worthwhile goals are very often unachievable, but the quest for those goals is what makes positive changes in history and in individual lives. No miracle will ever cause corporations to care more about public service than obscene profits, if they are allowed to operate under a veil of secrecy. In spite of US Supreme Court rulings to the contrary, companies are not people. They are institutions that are not held responsible for exploitation, lies, trickery, or deception. They profit by it, at the expense of consumers, owners, workers, taxpayers, and world citizens. We need to insist on clarity in business and government. For each service there needs to be a window that traces the money as it relates to effective service. These are cells that need to be held responsible for the consequences of their behavior and receive rewards commensurate with their service.

Clear business cells are what is needed. A company or a branch of government might be made of thousands of these cells. Each cell would be responsible for its own ethics, safety, risk, and reward. A company could be a contract that is managed by a clear business cell. The company owns nothing. Ownership is retained by investors in exact proportion to their investment. With this type of clear cell. The incentive is to do quality appropriate service and balance the cost. The company has no profit or loss. Workers, investors, consumers, citizens, and future generations will all be winners. When the economic cells thrive, so will the economic body.

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